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Meet Ilena

President of the Singing Arrow Neighborhood Association

Professional Classical Pianist and Violist

Medical Science-Biochemistry for Large Biotech

Self-Employed Medical Science Consultant

Speaks 7 Languages

Excerpts from the Voter’s Guide, League of Women Voters

1. What are your qualifications for this position?

As the President of the Singing Arrow Neighborhood Association, I am a proven and successful community leader, most voters already know me and know that I have already laid the groundwork for a safe and a prosperous future for my district and for New Mexico.  I have successfully mobilized communities, business groups, community organizations, law enforcement, government entities and others to work cohesively for common objectives.  As a Neighborhood Association President, I am experienced on how to be a resource for the community during any crisis while simultaneously and tirelessly advocating for those who would not otherwise have the time or resources to sound their collective voice.  

2. What are the highest priorities for the NM Legislature to address?  

Obviously the COVID-19 public health and economic crisis is a huge event that will change the world and New Mexico in profound ways.

I look forward to helping New Mexicans emerge with an optimistic renaissance.  We will be forced to face our dependence on oil and gas revenues and to seriously put forth a strategy to utilize our natural resources in order to keep, encourage and build sustainable businesses, jobs and wealth.   Education, culture and a safety net for the vulnerable are also key factors in the equation. 

3. What are the two highest priorities for your district?

Since before the COVID-19 crisis, business development has been a priority issue for me in district 20.  Over the years, areas of blight have developed which currently present themselves as areas of opportunity moving into the post-COVID recovery.  Serious and thoughtful stimulus of businesses along historic Rt. 66 and in other areas will provide much-needed opportunities for jobs and the well-being of the greater community.

Secondly, ample opportunities for education at every level is fundamental to our success.  Children and students of all types must be allowed to thrive and the government, with absolute transparency, will need to take a bigger role as we progress through our recovery.

4. What is the best way to handle the homeless problem in New Mexico? 

As a community leader, I have been involved on the front lines of this issue. District 20 is particularly affected which is why I know, from experience, that there is no “one size fits all” solution.

The key to successful homeless solutions lies in community acceptance and involvement.  I have been involved first hand in advocating for an appropriate location for the Tiny Home Village.  I have also been involved in the development and advocacy of a campus model solution which has broad business, community and faith-based support.  

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